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  • It’s the new touch challenge that stimulates the Senses, and Focuses the Mind !


    Inclusive : Design that Works for all, including the blind or Visually Impaired

    Fun: Engaging Touch/Multi-Sensory toy

    Fidget: improves ability to focus /reduced anxiety by stimulating the senses

    Customization: 5 sides with 3D sensory tiles/ 1 side with custom printed logo ( 1 large or 9 small logos )

    Material: Vrigin black ABS plastic

    Size : 57 x 57 x 57mm

    Standard : ICTI and ASTM compliant

    Packaging: Shrink wrap. White gift box with embossed Rubik's® logo on cover is available at additional cost.

  • 5-6 weeks via air

    7-8 weeks via sea

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